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Turf Management


Our principle advisor is Stephen Forrest, a greenskeeper with over 20 years of experience in maintaining bowling greens on Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainalnd and the Interior of British Columbia since 1989.

This is Stephen's home green in Port Alberni.

Green Evaluation Service

  • Overall Evaluation Of Turf
  • Recurring issues
  • Visible problems
  • Random core samples are taken from most areas of the green
  • Geographical issues
  • Shade and Irrigation
  • Observations and Explanations
  • Recommendations for Repair of Major Issues
  • Goal setting for the green playing characteristics required
  • Soil Test Results Summary (if available)
  • Fertilizer Program Summary
  • Long Term Maintenance Practice Recommendations
  • Recommendations for changes to maintenance and playing practices

Greens Seminars

The aim is to:

  • To improve and standardize Greenskeeping practise
  • The guest speaker, Stephen Forrest, will contribute his knowledge and expertise to the enthusiasm and commitment of the area Club or District volunteers. Stephen's Seminars are always highly interactive.

Sample Content

Goals for management of your bowling green

Principles of Bowling Green Maintenance

  • Guidelines For Growing Turfgrass
  • Maintaining the growing medium

Techniques of Bowling Green Maintenance

  • Managing the Stress of Maintenance
    • Mowing Techniques, Verticutting, Aeration
    • Watering, Surfactant

Technique Question and Answer.

Managing the Stress by Players

Yearly Maintenance Calendar

  • Aeration, Topdressing, Mowing
  • Fertilizing, Surfactant, Dew Removal, Weeding
  • The Green Surround

Questions Review