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4 Steps to Success in Lawn Bowls

Please inquire about the costs directly to Strobe Sports in the first instance. We may have a relationship with your Lawn Bowling Association on delivery of the 4 Steps Seminar in your area. Strobe Sports are contracted to deliver one- day 4 Steps Seminars until 2017 in British Columbia, Canada,

The 4 Steps Seminar is usually 2 days but can be expanded or condensed according to your needs.

Most of the class is conducted on the green with students learning by self-discovery.

An 8 student minimum is required.

Please contact Stephen to discuss your requirements.

4 Steps To Success Seminar 2015

Step 1 - Strategic Competence

  • Team Goal Setting
  • Use A Decision Making Framework
  • Tactics Exercises

Step 2 - Technical Skills Development

  • Technique for Draw, Drive and Controlled Weight
  • Strobe Structured Practice
  • Goal Setting
  • Game Practices

Step 3 - Mental and Emotional Discipline

  • Concentration - The Battle Within You
  • Staying Calm, Minimize Distractions
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • The Power Of Positive Thinking
  • Giving Instructions through Positive Communications
  • Team Building Workshop

Step 4 - Physical Fitness

  • Starting a Fitness Program