"Doing The Right Thing Right The First Time"



The very simple aim of the game of Bowls is to roll one or more of your biased bowls down the Green and have it nearer to the Jack than your opponent’s bowls at the conclusion of each End.

Do this more often than your opponent and you win the game you are playing. Win nine games out of ten and you win Championships. Strobe Sports books and seminars are designed to help individuals, Clubs and Associations improve the quality of play and deliver improved competitive results at higher levels.

In 2010, I was asked to help Bowls BC improve results at the National Championships. Existing seminar material was refreshed with a new structure and research to become The 4 Steps To Success and the books were written to become an integral part of the curriculum.

The 4 Steps To Success books and seminars lead you from the very simple concepts of the game of Lawn Bowls through to competitive sports preparation for individuals and teams. You will progress to confidently playing in Championship teams or winning Singles events at a high technical level. This achievement will depend on you applying the basic principles in a disciplined manner through practice and competition with evidence of real progress in all 4 Steps before you add the next level of complexity or higher quality measures .

Elite athletes, by definition, push themselves physically, mentally, technically and economically past the levels that most people find appropriate in a ‘balanced lifestyle’. That push or mental impetus or desire must come from within the athlete as an act of volition. In more modern Canadian language, you have to want it bad enough. No-one can make another person succeed to his/her very pinnacle of potential in sport against their will. Coaches can guide the way but not drag or drive you up the path.

4 Steps To Success creates a starting point in your understanding of the many demands of the game. It is intended for those in the sport of Bowls who think they do want it bad enough and for those coaches who want to help others who think they do.

The 4 Steps To Success in Lawn Bowls are:

  • Strategic and Tactical Competence
  • Technical Skills development
  • Emotional and Mental Discipline
  • Physical Fitness

The 4 Steps program from STROBE Sports will guide aspiring champions by helping you to

  • Evaluating where you are now
  • Setting your goals for skill improvement and competitive results
  • Working hard to achieve those goals through practice and competition

Sounds simple enough, I hope. You may get to a point in your playing career when you realize that the physical, mental or technical discipline, or the considerable time commitment needed to attain certain higher goals is not for you.

Realization that you have reached that point needs to be absolutely acceptable to yourself, your coach, team mates and your family. Are you going to become a World Champion? That is your question to answer.

Life does not always turn out as we had planned or hoped for. The paths we choose are not always smooth and open. My aim with the books is to provide you with some necessary theory and guiding principles required for personal improvement to achieve successful game performance. If you work consistently with the practice and competition framework contained here, your ‘career’ as an athlete should accelerate into the higher levels of the game.

Good luck in your quest. If you enjoy the journey regardless of the eventual destination, I will be very happy to have helped you along the way.